About us

Lara Mercado and Armando Valdés are the authors and creators of "Un Coquí de Boriquén". They are the proud parents of Lila Victoria and Amelia Catalina, to whom this project is dedicated along with every Puerto Rican child wherever he or she may live. They are also the parents of a dog, Vida, who appears in the pages of both books.

Lara studied art history and journalism. Armando studied architecture, government and law. "Un Coquí de Boriquén con los Reyes a Belén" was their first book, for which they also created the imprint Boricua Books⎢Little Boricuas. The family lives in San Juan.

Nívea Ortiz Montañez is the illustrator of "Un Coquí de Boriquén". She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Illustration from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has an outstanding career in the field of children's illustration, and her work has been recognized by the New York Society of Illustrators. She lives in San Juan. Visit her at www.niveaortiz.com .