Fundraising campaign begins to protect all species of coquíes

San Juan, Puerto Rico - The creators of the Christmas children's book, “Un coquí de Boriquén con los Reyes a Belén”, today announced a collaboration with the non-profit organization, Proyecto Coquí, to raise funds for the protection of 14 species of coquíes that still exist in Puerto Rico. 

“The coquí is a beloved symbol of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans, even if they live far from our island. Our book has helped thousands of families in Puerto Rico and in the diaspora to keep alive the tradition of the Kings for the past three Christmases, with the story of a coquí that guides the Magi to the homes of Puerto Rican children attracted by his sing. Now we want to give something to all the Puerto Rican coquís this Christmas,” said Lara Mercado and Armando Valdés, authors of the book, who together with the illustrator, Nívea Ortiz, brought this new Christmas tradition to life. 

The authors explained that for the next 30 days, until Three Kings' Day, for each order of their book and other products placed on their website, , they will be donating $1 to Proyecto Coquí. 

The Coquí Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is the conservation of biodiversity through scientific research, habitat protection and environmental education. It is led by its founder, Dr. Rafael Joglar, professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. 

“I appreciate this initiative to give visibility to the protection of our coquí and all our natural resources. In Puerto Rico we have lost three species of coquíes, and the conservation of the fourteen that still exist must be a high priority for the country,” said Joglar. 

Those interested in more information about this effort can access the page of the book, , or that of the organization, . Likewise, those who wish to donate directly to the organization can do so through ATH Móvil looking for the store /ProyectoCOQUI.